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Our Team

The Management and Board of GCB Trust is comprised of seasoned professionals with multiple years of experience in banking, investment, finance, and leadership roles. This wealth of experience will be leveraged to successfully manage the assets held in GCB Trust.

Syazana Parawadi

(Datin) Syazana has been long involved in the financial industry with a colorful career in capital markets, spearheading the progression, development and growing acceptance of Islamic finance across the Asian region. Her cutting edge perspectives and progressive outlook are already creating waves in  the fintech world. Driven by an unwavering belief in her convictions, she has made it her goal to establish Digital Islamic Banking and Digital Finance as global norms, rather than being viewed as alternatives.

Chief Executive Officer

John Pellegrini BSc (Physics), Grad. Dip.  (Physics) and an MBA (Finance). He has worked at some of the leading international banks, investment banks, commodities exchanges in New York, Chicago, London, Sydney, and Singapore. John has extensive knowledge trading fiat currencies, and variety of commodities. Prior to joining GoldChain, John served as Senior Director at N.M. Rothschild & Sons, in trading and risk management.

Chief Compliance Officer

Naved Masud, MBA (Finance) and ACCA Level 1 & 2. Naved working with companies like Price Waterhouse in the UK, Wine & Co Chartered Accountants and Euro Fence Coatings Ltd. Naved has gained extensive knowledge and over 3 decades of experience in business management and finance. Naved has unrivaled knowledge of corporate dealings and compliance.

Aung Myo Paing
Chief Investment Officer

Aung Myo Paing MBA (Management) services as Chief Investment Officer in charge of preserving a company's asset portfolios. Paing oversees a team of qualified professionals and helps develop both short and long-term investment plans, recommend investments, and assign assets. Apart from GCB Trust Paing is also an established entrepreneur & financial advisor. 

Farah Dienie Shamshudeen_edited .jpeg
Farah Dinie 
Business Development

Farah Dinie, MBA (Management), has a wholesome past experience in business development with responsibility for delivering financial technology innovation at GCB Trust.  Her experience includes supporting startup business within various B2B and B2C fintech sectors including UniEBS Pte. Ltd.

Dimitri Rizzi

Dimitri Rizzi, MBA (Management) is educated in Law and has over nine years of business experience within the financial sector working on a variety of successful businesses  & startups in industries ranging from oil & gas to commodities, and capital markets. His capital market experience includes the successful listing of the first asset backed bonds from Myanmar, on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

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