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Kuala Lumpur, July 12, 2023 – Tijarah Holding Ltd., a prominent Blockchain developer, and Islamic Digital Asset Service Provider (IDASP), is delighted to announce the successful acquisition of a Canadian Money Services Business (MSB) license, duly registered with FINTRAC and regulated by the British Columbia Financial Services Authority (MSB registration number: M23739966), through its subsidiary, GC Global Finance Ltd—an Islamic Fintech provider. This accomplishment represents a pivotal milestone in the group's unwavering dedication to delivering secure, efficient, and customer-centric Islamic fintech services.

A copy of GC Global Finance Ltd. license on the FINTRAC website.

As a licensed MSB, GC Global Finance provides a wide range of financial solutions to clients worldwide, including international money transfers, currency exchange, payment processing, and virtual currency dealings. This highlights the company's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of individuals and businesses in the realm of Islamic Fintech. "We are thrilled to add the MSB to our portfolio as an IDASP in the dynamic Islamic Fintech market, enhancing our ability to offer comprehensive financial solutions worldwide,” said John Pellegrini, CEO of Tijarah Holding Ltd.

Canada boasts one of the most vibrant and stable economies globally, making it a prime destination for digital Fintech services. The country's stringent and normative regulations within the financial industry have been a significant draw for enterprises worldwide. Notably, securing the MSB license reflects GC Global Finance Ltd.'s recognition by the Canadian government and adherence to international compliance standards, cementing its position as a reliable provider capable of delivering a secure and stable service within the Canadian market and globally. The license also allows GC Global Finance to forge new partnerships, expand its global reach, and explore innovative financial technologies to enhance its offerings further.

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