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This is an application to receive approval to open an account with the Trustee indicated below.

                TRUSTEE                                 : GC Trust KB

                TRUSTEE ADDRESS           : Svetsarvägen 15, 2 tr 171 41 Solna, Sweden


Section 1 – Application Procedures

Know Your Customer (KYC)


For applicants to submit the KYC, applicants will need to create a GCB Trust account by visiting to register for an account. 

After logging into their Trust account applicants will click on “PROFILE” followed by clicking on the “FILE” Tab Heading. Once on the file upload page, applicants shall upload all their KYC documents into the upload field.

KYC documents to be submitted for personal application:

  1. National Identification / Passport / Driver’s License – Should be translated to English (if applicable)

  2. Proof of residential address – Utility Bill or Bank Statement with applicant’s name & address


KYC documents to be submitted for corporate application:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation (Certified True Copy)

  2. Corporate Registry of shareholders, Register of Directors

  3. Personal KYC documents of Shareholders holding more than 20% shares



Section 2 – ACCOUNT Type





Section 3- Personal Information (Individuals)
Government ID Type
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